Miss Marbles by Claudia Albons: abril 2009


Matthew Williamson para H&M


El que fuera director creativo de Pucci, Matthew Williamson,
 ha creado una preciosa y exclusiva colección de prendas para H&M.
Es indudable la esencia que dejó la casa Pucci en el diseñador, 
demostrándolo así en sus estampados, la utilización de tonos vivos y la mezcla de colores.
Mucho brillo y rock'n'roll!

The ex- creative director of Pucci, Matthew Williamson,
 has designed an exclusive and beautiful collection for H&M.
We can see the substance left by Pucci in the fabolous designer, 
it shows in the prints, vivid colors... 
So much bright and rock'n'roll!






P.D. Mañana tengo un vuelo a Mallorca 
para pasar este puentecito con mi gente y mi familia,
prometo volver con muchas fotos
 (alguien me robó la camara hace dos fines de semana
 y no he podido teneros muy informados), 
pero una nueva me está esperando en casa! :-)
P.S. Tomorrow I got a flight to Mallorca
 to spend these 4 days with my special people and my family. 
I promise I will come back with tons of pictures 
(somebody stole my camera two weeks ago
 and I couldn't show you guys almost anything),
 but a new one is waiting for me at home! :-)


this is my snow covered home p.II



LOVE: ¡Nos vamos a la nieve!
 Último finde de ski de la temporada
We are going to ski!
This is the last weekend of the season


Tu me manques


I just love this picture!
I miss Paris so bad, I want to return again!!

p.s. Yesterday night was kind of bittersweet. 
We had a lot of fun but now I need to rest all the weekend.
I got great pictures, I'll show you guys tomorrow!



I think of you often... 
Have you forgotten the way you look at me
when we met?
pic: the cobra snake


Sweet french girl


La semana pasada estaba en el coche con Marta
y de repente una vocecita empezó a cantar
"She stole my future, she broke my dream, I'll kill her!"
subimos el volumen y, a partir de ese momento, no pudimos
quitarnos esa canción de la cabeza.
Os presento a Soko. Francesa. 21 años.
Le encanta tocar el ukelele, es fan incondicional
de los Beatles y Bob Dylan.
Pequeñita pero matona... Una monada!
Last week I was in the car with my my best friend Marta
and suddenly we heard a voice that began to sing
"She stole my future, she broke my dream, I'll kill her!"
From that moment we couldn't remove that song from our heads.
Introducing Soko. French. 21 years old.
She loves to play the ukelele.
Fan of The Beatles and Bob Dylan.
A cute babe!
P.S. Listen to her song I'LL KILL HER here:


Last night in my beautiful place

Esta noche es la última que paso en Mallorca. En un par de horas estaré de vuelta en Bcn... Y aquí me encuentro haciendo la maleta que, probablemente, explotará! No es necesario decir que voy a echar muchísimo de menos MI isla. He pasado unas vacaciones increíbles! Como en casa no se está en ningún sitio.

Tonight is the last one here in Mallorca. Just in a few hours I'll be flying back to Barcelona...
I'm packing all my stuff ( Probably my luggage is going to burst! hahaha) Needless to say that I'm going to miss my island, it's OBVIOUS! I had a great time here! Home is the best place in the world, there's no comfortable place ever.


Suede jacket - Bimba&Lola(limited edition), Dress - Zara, Bag - Bimba&Lola, Shoes -Mango




We are spending amazing days of relax in Mallorca,
even though the weather is kinda crazy...
p.s. Yeah, I cut my hair! It was necessary, I swear!!


I love Erin


Erin Wasson: I'm falling completely in love with her! 
It's like a crush every single time I see Erin in a picture.
I have no doubt, she's the new Kate Moss!

btw i'm flying to Mallorca 2morrow morning! 
I can't wait to arrive home and see all my people.
It's kinda amazing how much I miss everything I left there.
P.S. Happy bday to my dad!!! Tomorrow I'll be able to give you lots of kisses and hugs!